Our citrus

from the origin.

Campos de Alcalá SL CAMPAL

Campos de Alcalá S.L. CAMP.AL is an Organization of Citrus producers. Our total citrus production grows in our own fields, all of them in a privileged location because of its climate, soil and water, in the province of Castellón. We are dedicated to the sale and exportation of citrus always looking to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients giving them the best service and the best organoleptic, microbiological, nutritional and commercial quality.

Naranjas Campal

We are always looking to preserve good agricultural practices, to ensure all the guarantees of quality and freshness of our citrus from source.

Policy for quality

Our own system of self-control (system of hazard analysis and checkpoints for citrus) (APPCC)

Certifícate of quality Global Gap, GGN 4056186024756, representing 100% of our own production.


Crta Nacional 340 km1009
12596 - Torreblanca


Crta Nacional 340 km 1009
12596 - Torreblanca
Castellón - España


Polígono Industrial El Campaner
Vial 6 - N. 1
12570 - Alcalà de Xivert