Campos de Alcalá S.L. CAMP.AL is an Organization of Citrus producers which has been constituted as an answer to the need of unifying efforts to resolve common problems.
Our total citrus production grows in our own fields, with more then 200 associated hectares. All of them in a privileged location because of its climate, soil and water, and well known by its citrus tradition in the province of Castellón, Community of Valencia.
We started our way in 2005 with the constitution of CAMPAL ,an agrarian society of transformation (SAT) and in the same year we obtained the qualification as an Organization of Citrus Producers. At that time all our products were sold 100% to Spanish sector companies. Our wish to provide our customers with the highest quality and freshness in all our products led us to the creation of our own brand, LLONA, flagship of our company. We then started exporting directly, without intermediaries, to French markets.
At present we have our own facilities, so that we produce, collect, manipulate and sell our own citrus.
With direct access through the National road 340 our spacious facilities are located on a 36.000.m2 area. The build surface is of 5.800 m2 which includes a cooling capacity for conservation and/or over degreening of more then 500 Tn, and another 250 Tn of daily pre-cooling to reach the optimum temperature for subsequent shipment of the finished product, thus ensuring the highest quality and freshness to our customers.
Although the company is young, it is directed by a management team with extensive experience and knowledge in this type of industry. The constant commitment to our customers has paíd off, expanding our exports to other European markets.
Our priority is to meet customer needs, offering the best service, always with the best organoleptic, microbiological, nutritional and commercial quality. Because of our condition of producers we look after all details during the production process, from the tree to the market place, which allows us to pick the fruits at the best time, looking always to preserve good agricultural practices, to ensure all the guarantees of quality and freshness of our citrus from source.
Our policy for quality includes a computerized tracking system from the producer to the customer, our own system of self-control “system of hazard analysis and checkpoints for citrus” (APPCC) designed for the prevention of health hazards linked to raw materials in our facilities, and a certifícate of quality Global Gap, option 2 in all the farms of our partners with GGN 4056186024756, representing 100% of our own production.